Richard F. Kline, PLS

Pennsylvania Surveyor HowellKline Surveying, LLC. specializes in Property Surveys, Site Surveys, Aerial Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Construction Stakeout and As-Built Surveys. HowellKline offers professional land surveying services in Chester County, PA. Delaware, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Howell Kline Surveying Goes Green

Homeowners Go Green and Howell Kline Surveying, LLC is there to Help!

Howell Kline Surveying recently completed a project in East Bradford Township for property owners who are installing a Geothermal Heat Pump System for their home.

Howell Kline performed a partial boundary survey to identify the property lines in the vicinity of the proposed geothermal wells, and topographic features survey of the surrounding area. The resulting Plan of Survey will enable engineers to design the optimal location of the wells taking into consideration existing structures, physical improvements, underground utilities, and regulated isolation distances.

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