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Questions and Answers About Land Surveying

Do you have a question about Land Surveying? HowellKline Surveying has the answer!

Why Would I Need A Land Survey?

Land Surveys are required for the following:

  • Locations of property boundaries
  • Locations of features of a property
  • To build
  • To develop
  • To satisfy local code or building requirements
  • To locate encroachments on a property

A land survey can become extremely useful when settling a dispute amongst adjoining property owners in cases where one or both of them have already or plan on: building, developing, landscaping, fencing or using the adjoining land. 

How Much Will A Land Survey Cost?

That is a question that we at Howell Kline Surveying, LLC get asked on a regular basis. The short answer is “It depends”.  All surveys are not created equal. Knowing the ultimate use of the survey, along with the size and shape of your property can help us to start to answer the question.. “How much does a survey cost?” If you provide us with your address we can easily find the size and shape of your property by accessing the public records at the County Assessor’s Office. The other part of the equation, the ultimate purpose for the survey, requires some dialog with you, the client.

Is the survey to be used just for peace of mind, so you know what you own? If so then a review of your deed, the adjoining deeds and recorded plans, and the necessary field work to verify the existing or set the missing property corners may suit your needs. Would a plat or drawing of the survey, signed and sealed by the Professional Licensed Surveyor in charge of the survey be helpful?

Is the survey going to be used to facilitate some kind of improvements on the property? For example, if landscaping or fencing then additional line stakes may be required to clearly define the lines in certain areas.

Is the survey going to be used in conjunction with construction of a building or an addition? If so then the field crew would locate the topography (or elevation of the earth), trees and underground utilities in the area of the proposed improvements. This information would be drafted, and a drawing produced that could be utilized by your architect and engineer to design the improvements. Is the building project of a size that the municipality will require stormwater management and erosion and sedimentation control plans for permitting? If so then percolation testing for stormwater infiltration may be called for. In what zoning district is the property located and what improvements are permitted in that district?

These are just a few of the types of surveys and professional services that we at Howell Kline Surveying perform on a regular basis. And as you can see each has its own level of research, office work, field work, and detail that will ultimately affect the cost of the services we provide.