Coatesville Hotel Project

Coatesville Hotel Project

Coatesville Hotel Project 
Manor Road and Route 30 By-Pass
City of Coatesville, Chester County, PA


The Coatesville Hotel Project consisted of a Land Title Survey utilizing American Land Title Association / American Congress of Surveying and Mapping latest requirements. Project required review of Title Report containing numerous deeds for PennDOT Highway, pipelines, water and sewer easements. Easements were located on the ground and plotted on the survey. Legal descriptions and exhibits were created for various Air Rights Parcels, Lots, and water, sewer, and access easements. Coordinate with clients, lenders, and Chester County's attorney to answer survey related questions and expedite survey work.

Richard F. Kline, PLS
Matthew A. Wayman – Surveyor in Training
Bryan R. Kline – Party Chief

Complete – project under construction


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